Online Diesse Arredamenti new website

A responsive website, available from any mobile device, user friendly, linear and elegant in its new revised graphic.

A website which allow visitors to get the information quickly and intuitevely, in few “click” – the company, its services, its prestigious costumers, news, contacts and active process of recruiting staff – to know about Diesse Arredamenti, its values, its know-how, its dimensions, its quality, efficiency and organization.

The project stems from the desire of a website which rapresents the unique and distinctive reality as Diesse and its inherent duality: on one hand industry, technology, innovation,efficiency, organization, on the other hand craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail, flexibility.

A website describing Diesse Arredamenti S.p.A.:a premiere Italian yacht interior outfitter for the most prestigious and exclusive nautical brands worldwide.

Diesse Arredamenti S.p.A.
via dei Senoni 22
47122 Forlì (FC) - Italy
tel. +39 0543.784611
fax +39 0543.788307

Diesse S.p.A. - p.i. 03302870401
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