Diesse Arredamenti

Diesse Arredamenti

Altura 840

P68 Main Saloon - Sunseeker International

Yacht Ferretti 720

Hotel Premier&Suite - Milano Marittima

P68 Guest Twin - Sunseeker International

Diesse Arredamenti

Diesse Arredamenti S.p.A is a leading Italian company in the sector of customised furniture, more specifically of yacht interior design for the most prestigious and exclusive nautical brands worldwide, which is our core business.
Over the years the company has been growing continuously, achieving the highest standards as regards customised furniture. What makes Diesse Arredamenti a truly unique and distinctive enterprise is its ability to combine – on the one hand - the care for details, precise shapes and the flexibility typical of handcraft, with technological innovation and organisation on an industrial scale on the other. Diesse Arredamenti provides furnishing solutions designed with functional and ergonomic criteria in mind, as well as consistent quality levels, always guaranteeing a suitable product for customers attentive to market requirements and with an unmistakeably stylish touch of made-in-Italy.