iesse Arredamenti S.p.A. has an exclusive know-how in yacht outfitting typified by precision, speed of execution and flexibility in every timing and scheduling aspect of construction. A culture of continuous improvement, safety and organisation enables it to create the most diverse solutions for all types of vessels through production processes organised for maximum efficiency and quality of the finished product.

The Technical Department

Working closely with brands’ style departments, the technical department studies project feasibility, checks the interaction between wood and other materials with a view to presenting intelligent functional solutions, suitable for the marine environment and for life on board. Every furnishing component is engineered to then develop the detailed design and production plan.

The Production Department

The production department uses advanced technologies and numerically controlled machinery for processing in two or three dimensions which, through the modern software programming by the Technical Department, results in accurate processing directly on the material, guaranteeing precision, speed, cost reduction and flexibility. Precision, efficiency and excellence are at the service of craftsmanship.

The Quality Control

Quality Control follows every step of the production process, guaranteeing the quality of raw materials, accurate processing and an excellent end product.

The MES System

The MES System (Manufacturing Execution System) guarantees the traceability of materials and processes, improves production performance, shares information, and takes care of the optimisation of methods and working times. In line with the most advanced logistics applications, it allows to easily check on every stage and aspect, from raw materials to production, from the warehouse to the assembly on site.

Diesse Arredamenti S.p.A.
via dei Senoni 22
47122 Forlì (FC) - Italy
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